This View is used to help monitor workers' activity at the Kiosk. This View specifically addresses how to find workers that have unusually large hours.

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There are a few reasons that a worker may have unusually large hours, including:

  1. The worker worked an extended shift. 
  2. The worker forgot to check-out for a break.
  3. The worker left for the day without checking out and then returned to work on a different day. (The worker was required to check-out before they were allowed to check-in, thereby creating a large number of hours, spanning multiple days for that single WorkSegment.) 

If reason number 2 or 3 as listed above is the cause for the unusually large hours, then two things will need to occur:
  1. The WorkSegment will need to be edited 
  2. The Worker will need to be coached

Please view the training video linked below for more information.

 Video - Review for Unusually Large Hours     (2.5 minutes)