Step Seven

Training workers to use the Kiosk is one of the most important steps in the GoLive process.  A video is available to assist in the training process.  The video can be shared directly with workers during the onboarding process or a representative may meet new workers on-site to conduct Kiosk training.  

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Click on the following link for more information regarding training the workers to use the Kiosk.

Train Workers to Use the Kiosk

WorkRecords recommends that all workers have and use a magnetic swipe card for check-in/out at the Kiosk.  This is helpful for workers that may not have their SSN memorized or for those who prefer not to punch it in at the Kiosk.  In addition, using a magnetic swipe card allows for a much quicker check-in/out process overall.  Magnetic swipe cards cards are provided by WorkRecords free of charge to Suppliers and can be ordered by opening a Support ticket. Click on the following link for more information on registering magnetic swipe cards. 

Workers - Registration of Magnetic Swipe Cards


View Workers - Train Workers to Use the Kiosk for more information on:

  • Sign-in Sheets for Connectivity Outage
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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