Ensure that all TimeCards were approved.

Before downloading hours and activity for payroll processing or presenting an invoice, three reports must be generated.

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 Step 1: List Workers with Missing TimeCards -  This report shows any workers that were scheduled to work, but do not have any time/activity captured or approved.  Note: This report has many other applications.  Click on Benefits for using the List Workers with Missing TimeCards Report to see a list of other ways this report can be beneficial.   

Step 2: Review Unapproved WorkSegments - This report ensures that all WorkSegments stored have been approved.  If there are any unapproved WorkSegments showing on this report, contact the appropriate Labor Buyer manager so that the hours can be approved.

Step 3: Search for Duplicate Orders/Workers with more than 1 Active Order - This report is used to ensure that only one order was entered for the worker.  In the event that multiple orders are entered, check to see if the worker qualifies for OT by adding the two TimeCards together.  To learn more about duplicate orders, review several of the FAQs in Orders - Create, Change, and Close orders.  

Export Time & Activity once all TimeCards are accounted for.

Once all TimeCards have been approved, download hours and activity for use in calculating worker's payroll.  Step 3: Export  Timecards w/AddOn Details is a view that has been added for this purpose.   Most staffing companies have a standard cycle for downloading hours and activity.  It is important to periodically run a wider date range to ensure than any time approved late by a Labor Buyer is also included.

TIP: WorkRecords adds a standard view for downloading time and activity to each account when it is set-up.  This view works for most staffing companies, however a few companies have special requirements resulting in additional fields needed for producing payroll.  WorkRecords can assist in customizing this view to make the process easier for a back office team.  Please contact support@workrecords.com to schedule a time to discuss any needs.    

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