Once an invoice is generated in a back office system, it can be presented to the customer/Labor Buyer in WorkRecords.  

The invoice is presented through WorkRecords based on the terms and conditions (T&C) negotiated by the Labor Buyer and Labor Supplier in their staffing agreement.  The T&Cs captured in the Labor Supplier's account setup in WorkRecords are based on the information provided in the Account Setup spreadsheet.  The Supplier retains 100% control (and responsibility) over when the invoice is generated and presented.  The Supplier will often wait until they have created the invoice in their Bill/Pay system so that an invoice number can be applied and the total invoice amount can be verified to match in both systems.  At no time does WorkRecords ever take part in the collection or transfer of dollars between the Labor Buyer and Labor Supplier.   
The data used to calculate the billing information in WorkRecords regarding hours (vs. non-hourly billing) comes from the Effective Time summation.  Effective time could be what was actually collected at the Kiosk, a convenience rule modification or any editing done by either Labor Buyer or Labor Supplier.  

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