What is the WorkRecords Individual Certification?

The WorkRecords Individual Certification is a proof of proficiency in WorkRecords that is available to any individual who has passed the WorkRecords Certification test and maintains his or her Certification annually through continued education.  Today, individuals certify on the core WorkRecords product (certifications in specialty areas are coming soon).  To certify in specialty areas, the WorkRecords Individual Certification must be current.


Why is WorkRecords offering the WorkRecords Certification?

While WorkRecords is easy to use for beginners, it's also a very powerful tool in the hands of knowledgeable users. WorkRecords Certified users will be effective at leveraging WorkRecords within their organizations and at helping others to do the same.


Why should I become certified?

Obtaining your WorkRecords Certification provides validation to your employer and your customers that you are a proficient WorkRecords user.  Your employer may request that you become Certified as part of a larger certification program for your company.


What do I need to do to become Certified in WorkRecords?

You simply need to pass the WorkRecords two-part certification test.  Resources are available in our e-Support library for the core certification.  We recommend that all resources are reviewed and practice exercises completed prior to taking the Certification test. Certification tests can be taken once in a three-month period.  We also recommend a minimum of three months of experience regularly working in WorkRecords to prepare for the certification test.  


Who should take advantage of the e-Support training?

Anyone who plans to use WorkRecords should review the online resources regardless of the intention to take the Certification test.


How much does it cost?

The WorkRecords core Certification is free to everyone.  


How do I get started?

Getting started is easy.  Click here to navigate to the WorkRecords Individual Certification Outline.