Time Investment

less than 1 hour

Step One (by the WorkRecords Manager)

Preparing for the Account Set-Up call involves completing the Account Setup Sheet (an Excel document) and gathering 2-3 past invoices for each active supplier at the property. Investing the few minutes to thoroughly complete this step will pay huge dividends in the next several steps.  

Important Note: For accounts that are part of a corporate configuration much of the required data has already been gathered through a corporate configuration process.  Each individual site provides data so that the the Kiosk options reflect only what is needed to serve the location.  Expect that this step may take 20 minutes or less.  

Account Set-up Sheet
The account set-up sheet is sent directly to the WorkRecords manager for completion. This worksheet gathers general information such as contract labor usage by department, contract labor vendors, and a user listing to assist WorkRecords in creating the individual user account access.  

Contract Labor Invoices
Prior to the call, the implementation team reviews contract labor invoices for a better understanding of how contract labor is used and billed at the property. The team searches for items, such as rate changes, non-billable or reduced billable hours for items like training or show-up fees. They also search for items that are not calculated from an hourly rate, such as meal charge deductions, billing by the job (instead of hourly). This helps reduce the time on the account set-up call and improves the accuracy of the initial setup. When selecting invoices, consider using invoices that include:
    • the busiest time of the month or year for each department 
    • one off situations that rarely ever happen
    • notes on them that show us how the invoices are coded

This allows your implementation manager to cover as many scenarios as possible in the general setup of your account.

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