As a WorkRecords Labor Supplier, you are already experiencing benefits that help streamline processes, provide cost savings and improve productivity.  A few benefit that Labor Suppliers reference most often include:

  • Remote access to real time data 24/7 
  • Export payroll data quickly and easily 
  • Monitor potential overtime 
  • Stop invoice discrepancies and improve A/R days outstanding 
  • Reduce worker fraud and improve workplace security 
  • Produce customized reports prior to payroll closing 
  • Track, bill and pay for performance and piecework 

We recognize that WorkRecords, while easy to use for beginners, is a powerful tool in the hands of knowledgeable users and improves the experience for the Labor Supplier's internal team members and customers.  Our free Certification program provides you with many additional benefits.  Some of these include:

  • Third party certification of a user proficiency in using WorkRecords software 
  • New Business Opportunities (WorkRecords provides a list of certified Labor Suppliers, by region, to all new Labor Buyers)
  • Links on the WorkRecords site where Certified Suppliers can provide contact information, in each certified office/region, for sales inquiries
  • WorkRecords Certified Supplier User logo and WorkRecords Certified Supplier logo that can be used on business cards and marketing materials
  • Preview of  enhancements and invitations to participate in user groups

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