In WorkRecords, all field selectors have different parameters by which you can search.  For example, Contains, Equals, Between, etc. "Empty" is another helpful parameter used to find instances in which a field has not been populated.  Common fields this is used for include Invoice #, Approval ID, Actual Check-in, Actual Check-out, etc.  To find out when a field is blank or empty, change the parameter to Empty and then populate a sample of the type of data that would be populated if there were results (you cannot leave the field to the right blank). A couple of examples are:

  • For an time-based search (such as looking for WorkSegments that do not have an Actual Check-in time), type in 12:00 AM (or any time as a sample). 
  • For an numerical field search (such as looking for a blank Invoice #), type in any number, like 0.
  • For a date-based search (such as looking for all Orders that do not have a completion date), type in 1/1/2000 (or any date)

It would look something like this:

Add any other search criteria needed and then click Generate View button.  If you receive zero results, you might first run the report without using "Empty" and see what type of data is in the field.  Then adjust your sample data as needed.