This verbiage can be used for your formal communication with a potential Labor Buyer.  

We would like to introduce a more efficient way of managing contract labor, time card approvals and invoicing at [insert company name] that will provide material savings for both of us in time and money.    

We have formed a partnership with WorkRecords, a complete web-based application for managing contract labor - from purchase order to data collection to invoicing - with incredible up to the moment reporting and watertight financial controls.  

Even though we partner with WorkRecords at several locations; they are an independent third-party service that is used by major corporations in virtually any industry that employs contract labor.

Our primary goal in using WorkRecords is to efficiently deliver accurate invoices with backup available for every individual time card and total transparency throughout the entire process.  

The data in WorkRecords is your data so it is custom formatted to exactly match your business accounting terminology and can even be integrated to provide real time data to labor management systems, .... 

We cover all fees associated with using WorkRecords.  There is no special equipment required, no long-term contracts to sign, and no training or support fees.

Since it is on the web, it's available through any device that connects to the internet and is very simple to use.  

Assuming you agree, I'll have a WorkRecords representative contact you for a live demonstration via the web.