Our goal is to provide you with easy to use resources in e-Support, enabling you to find the answers you need, when you need them--24/7!  You will find:

  • QuickGuides outlining the steps to complete many of the common tasks in WorkRecords   
  • Short Videos offering a visual presentation of the steps to completing tasks, as well as sharing best practices  
  • Frequently Asked Questions from other users
  • Announcements notifying you of recent enhancements, planned system maintenance, etc.
  • Support Tickets and Ticket Archive allowing you to obtain online help from the WorkRecord Support team and view responses to previous questions submitted through your Support tickets
  • Training Managers available for scheduled training calls - click here  

Because we become an integral part of how Labor Suppliers do business, many people contact us for support that’s outside of our reach.  Here’s a quick list of what we cannot help you with:

  • Change the time capture rules, Kiosk display, etc without approval from Labor Buyer’s local WorkRecords Manager
  • Collect outstanding accounts receivables
  • Reconcile invoices when time, activity or dollars are captured  outside of the WorkRecords system.
  • Oversee correct and consistent usage of the WorkRecords system. (e.g., keeping your data up-to-date or buyers meeting approval deadlines)
  • Approve, edit, delete, or move “punch” data
  • Share names and/or pay and bill rate information with subcontractors or transitioning staffing agencies