Time Investment

1 hour or less

Step One (by the WorkRecords Manager)

To help prepare for the Account Set-up call and maximize the use of everyone's time an Account Setup Questionnaire should be completed and returned to the Implementation Manager at least two business days in advance of the Account Set-up meeting.  


Account Set-up Questionnaire

This questionnaire is sent directly to the WorkRecords Manager for completion. This includes basic information about the set-up like departments and the related job activities, rules related to time evaluation (rounding / convenience rules, meal break requirements, etc.), as well as a place to input a user list.  It also contains a checklist outlining functionality and apps offered within WorkRecords to help best define the scope of the set-up call.  Many items on the checklist include additional information that should be sent to your Implementation Manager for review prior to the set-up call.  

For example:

Investing the few minutes to thoroughly complete this step will pay huge dividends in the next several steps.  

Who is the WorkRecords Manager?

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