Time Investment

30 - 45 minutes - Operations, Finance, HR

60 minutes Department Meeting


Step Two - Account Set-up Meeting

In order to make the best use of everyone's time the Account Set-up meeting is broken down into key areas.  For many companies it is best to complete a few smaller meetings with the appropriate stakeholders and then review the entire set-up through a larger Orientation meeting.  The set-up meetings are flexible to meet the needs of the organization and can be facilitated through a web call, in person meeting or a combination of both. 

Account Set-up (Operations)

This meeting with Operations Executives serves to gather any special requirements in tracking and reporting needs.  Because WorkRecords captures data differently and makes it visible real-time this session should not simply mirror exsisting reports but often leads to the creation of new reports.  Other operational issues, like shift changes, that may impact Kiosk placement and number of Kiosks deployed and process regarding web check-in will also be discussed.   

Account Set-up (Finance)

The Finance team's set-up meeting primarily covers reporting, accounting codes (if appropriate) and specific deadlines that need to be considered.  Integration requirements for financial systems will also be discussed.

Account Set-up (Human Resources)

Human Resources generally participates in the departmental account set-up meeting, dealing specifically with job activities associated to their department, as well as an additional meeting that covers the following: 

  • Time Collection
  • Time Approval
  • Time Evaluation
  • Payroll Integration
  • Reporting Requirements 
  • App integration (background checks, drug screens, etc.) if appropriate

Account Set-up (General Call)


This is the most important step in the process since this meeting often drives the selections that will be available to workers at the Kiosk. Having the right people involved will be critical to configuring the account to meet the needs of all parties. Depending on the business a single call may be scheduled to discuss all departments or special departmental calls may be scheduled.  


During this meeting, decisions will be made regarding the overall account configuration.  Prior to the call, consider the following:

  • What are all of the job activities that could be filled by an employee within this department?
  • Do workers ever change departments?  change job activities within the same department?
  • How many shifts are available?  Is the worker paid differently for working a different shift?
  • Are there special certifications or requirements that should be attached to any job activities? 
  • What reporting is required today?
  • What reporting has not previously been available that would be helpful?