Time Investment

varies based on the organization

usually no more than 2-3 hours

Step Four - Adding Workers and Order Confirmations

Step Four is broken into the following parts:

  1. Add Workers & Uploading Security Photos
  2. Create Order Templates
  3. Enter Order Confirmations 

Add Workers

After your account has been setup in WorkRecords, you'll begin preparing for your GoLive by Adding Workers and Uploading Security Photos in WorkRecords.  Workers must be added prior to creating an order confirmation.  Security Photos are usually added when the worker is initially entered into WorkRecords.  However, Security Photos can be added at any point in the process and any photo can be used - either one you already have of the worker or if needed one can be used from their check in or out photos taken at the kiosk.

If you have several workers to add to WorkRecords you can request that WorkRecords upload the workers for you.  Please note, it can take up to 1 business day to process this request.  

Request WorkRecords to Upload a Large Volume of Workers

Add Workers and Upload Security Photos

Create Order Templates

Think of an order template like a fax cover sheet or an email signature.  By investing a few minutes to add all the key information to your template(s) you will be able to enter your orders with just a few clicks.  

Because almost every field in the Order Template can be edited you may decide to create just a couple templates and tweak one or two things as you are creating the order or you may determine that you want a template for each different possibility. Your Implementation Manager will work with you to determine the best strategy for creating templates based on the size and structure of your organization.   And after your initial templates are created you should always have your Implementation Manager review them before using them to create orders.  This avoids rework if something critical was left off your template.

Create Order Templates

Enter Order Confirmations

Order confirmations are required for workers to check-in/out.  Some companies have all order confirmations entered by Human Resources and others have each department entered their own orders.  We will discuss this process during the account set-up so the Implementation Manager can ensure that the proper managers are trained and have the required access.

Although orders are available for workers to begin checking in/out as soon as they are created for a new GoLive orders are generally entered at least 3 business days prior to GoLive so they can be double checked by the Implementation Manager.  

Create Order Confirmations

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