Step Seven - Notify & Train Workers 

Notifying Workers

Your Implementation Manager will share best practices regarding notifying your workers and can provide sample verbiage for communications and training materials that should be included in the notification.   The timing and roll out of the notification is driven by the apps and functionality used by each location.  For example, if the worker portal or ride share applications are in use the notification should take place earlier to allow workers ample time to make preference selections in their accounts.

Training Workers

Entering Time

Training workers to enter their time via the Kiosk or web entry is an important step in the GoLive process.  Training videos are available to assist in the process.  The video can be shared directly with workers or a brief training can be conducted with workers at the Kiosk. 

Train Workers to Use the Kiosk

Train Workers to Use Web Entry 

Accessing the Worker Portal

Workers have the ability to access a variety of information via the WorkRecords web portal through a user name and password.  Training resources will be provided prior to GoLive set to mirror the functionality available.  Workers will be able to access the training materials through any device with web access.