Common areas that Department Managers typically review, either through running Views or setting Alerts, include: 

Activity View Name WorkRecords Best Practice Method

Review activity 

(daily, weekly, month-end, etc.) 

Daily: Review Hours & Spend in Progress


View for an overview of hours and spend for a specific area of responsibility for a given date range and use ChartIt for a quick visual review of workers activity.

Monitor overtime

Monitor Weekly Worker Activity for Overtime

Set an alert 2-3 days prior to the week-ending to generate a list of workers that have already exceeded a specified amount of hours. 
Confirm all workers checked-out properly 

Find Who Forgot to Check-out

Search for Workers With Unusually Large Hours

Work with the Labor Supplier for daily coaching of workers that have forgotten to check-out and to ensure that time and activity is recorded promptly.

If a worker forgets to check-out but checks back in before their error is caught, they will show unusually large hours.    


If there is not a Compliance Manager at the location where you are working, you will want to review Views/Alerts used by the Compliance Manager.  The person in the Compliance Manager role generally monitors additional items, such as Bill Rate changes, edit patterns, etc.  

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