How should we position our recommendation to use WorkRecords?

WorkRecords should be introduced as a neutral third party that nationally serves hundreds of hotels and hundreds of staffing firms to provide transparency, leading edge reporting capabilities and financial controls.  In just 30 minutes we can provide enough information to the DoF or GM to answer key questions needed to make a decision to get online.   It is very important that WorkRecords be seen as a neutral third party as opposed to an individual supplier program to complete a successful implementation.

What about cost to the hotel?

WorkRecords Core Services to manage contract labor and the Kiosk, setup and support are always free to the hotel labor-buyer.  See WorkRecords Pricing Schedule for the most current pricing information.

What are the qualifications for a Labor Buyer to get online with WorkRecords?

To qualify for service the Labor Buyer must require all staffing suppliers to invoice all departments using contract staffing solely through WorkRecords. We need this level of commitment before we invest several thousand dollars to initiate service.

Who at the Labor Buyer must sign off on participation?

Because WorkRecords is a financial management system, the Director of Finance or GM must participate in the demo and make the decision to get online.  Their direct involvement is ultimately required to properly set up the account.  Department heads have historically been advocates to bring WorkRecords to the attention of the DoF and GM, especially if they have experienced WorkRecords at other locations, but the involvement and buy-in of the DoF or GM is required to begin the GoLive process.