Step One - WorkRecords Overview

We recommend this step for all new supplier users of WorkRecords as well as individuals that can benefit from the robust data available in WorkRecords like field management, corporate, and of course those working in Pay/Bill.

WorkRecords is a seamless online platform for data collection and reporting.  Some of the benefits you will enjoy include the ability to:

Remotely access data real time, 24/7

Export payroll data quickly and easily

Monitor potential overtime

Stop invoice discrepancies and improve A/R days outstanding

Reduce worker fraud and improve workplace security

Produce customized reports prior to payroll closing

Track, bill and pay for performance and piecework

WorkRecords pricing is based on the number of TimeCards that are approved by your Labor Buyer each week.  This low fee structure allows you to pay for only what you use and you never incur a fee for support, training, hardware, or software and upgrades.  For details, please review the WorkRecords Pricing Schedule.

All users are encouraged to watch a short (9 minute) video orientation to help familiarize themselves with WorkRecords.  In this brief orientation, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Benefits of WorkRecords for you and your organization
  • Steps to being successful using WorkRecords
  • Support that is available to you

Please note the following helpful tips when viewing the video:

  1. Be sure to have the volume turned “on” and adjusted prior to starting the video presentation.
  2. After starting the presentation, click on the lower right side of the presentation screen to enlarge to full screen.
  3. The presentation can be paused at any time by clicking on the pause button located in the lower left corner of the presentation screen.


WorkRecords Supplier Overview (video 9 minutes)

Benefits for WorkRecords Labor Suppliers (pdf chart)

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