Workers are not required to use their Social Security Numbers at the WorkRecords Kiosk.

WorkRecords provides free magnetic swipe cards to all Labor Suppliers for issue to each of their workers. Each magnetic swipe card has a unique set of characters encoded on the magnetic stripe. When the card is swiped at any WorkRecords Kiosk, the worker may then check-in or check-out without entering any personally-identifying numbers at all.

However, if workers forget or lose their magnetic swipe card, they may use their Social Security Number to check-in until their Labor Supplier issues them a replacement card. WorkRecords provides magnetic swipe cards at no charge. Workers’ Social Security Numbers are never exposed to the Labor Supplier's clients, so the Labor Supplier’s clients have no responsibility or risk in this area. And, the WorkRecords Kiosks positioned at workplaces never store Social Security Numbers.

Please note that this feature of using Social Security Numbers at the WorkRecords Kiosk is solely for the worker’s and Labor Supplier’s convenience. The worker who does not want to use his or her Social Security Number at the Kiosk simply uses their magnetic swipe card.

The worker’s Social Security Numbers is required initially in the WorkRecords system simply because it is the only unique identifier available for keeping workers with the same name (a relatively common occurrence) uniquely identifiable; only in this way can strict government requirements of Labor Suppliers for record-keeping for Labor Supplier payroll, etc. that WorkRecords necessarily supports in its time-collection function be accurately fulfilled.

Therefore, when a Labor Supplier hires a new employee to be assigned to work at one or more workplace locations using WorkRecords Kiosks, the Labor Supplier is required to enter the worker's name and Social Security Number into WorkRecords’ secure database. This is done only one time for each worker: the first time a newly recruited employee is loaded into WorkRecords by the Labor Supplier.

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