Welcome to WorkRecords!  

This solution will provide you with operating procedures specific to your company.   Below, you will find training links to walk you through the core functionality in WorkRecords, as well as information on any training opportunities, specific to your company.

What is WorkRecords?  

To fully understand the benefits and value of WorkRecords, you will want to watch this Introducing WorkRecords video. (recommended for all new users)

Certified Supplier Operating Procedures: 

  • Your company is responsible for editing time for your workers.  Edits should be completed daily by 10:00 AM, with the exception of the following customers that require editing be done only from their managers:
    • ABC Buyer
    • XYZ Buyer
  • Every effort should be made to ensure TimeCards are approved by close of business each Monday.   

Alerts to set for Managers with Account Oversight Responsibility

  • Who Forgot to Checkout
  • Who Has Usually Large Hours
  • WorkSegments not Approved 7-90 days
  • TimeCards not Invoiced 7-90 days
  • All Edits Made Last Billing Week
  • WorkSegments Billing to the Wrong WorkSite

(WorkRecords Support will customize training resources based on the supplier's account to walk users through the steps in setting up these alerts)

Training for WorkRecords Core Functionality

The links below are most commonly used by Department or Operations Managers.  

Add Workers and Upload Security Photos (for all new users)
Create Order Templates (for users responsible for adding new customers or when updates need to be made)
Create Order Confirmations (for all new users) Monitor Worker Activity (for all new users)
Download Time & Activity (for all new users)
Present Invoices (for all new users)

Schedule an Individual Call with a Training Manager

In the rare event that you have a situation that is not addressed in a solution or through contact with the WorkRecords Support team, you can schedule an individual session with a training manager by clicking the links below.  Please be sure to include as much detailed information as possible about your situation.  This will enable your Training Manager to be prepared to address your questions.   


Creating, Managing, and Closing Orders and Templates

Editing WorkSegments

Editing Bill &/or Pay Rates  

Monitoring Worker Activity

Reviewing Data through Views and Reports

Presenting Invoices and Creating Adjustments

*If you do not see a topic link listed for which you need assistance, please contact WorkRecords Support for further guidance.

Monthly Certified Supplier Training Call for New Users (led by Certified Supplier WorkRecords Manager/Compliance Manager & WorkRecords Training Director)

Training calls (optional) are helpful in answering questions for new users will be held monthly.  If your company has elected to schedule these monthly training calls, you can view upcoming calls and register for a call using the registration link below.

Register Here

Individual Certification Review  (led by WorkRecords Training Director)

Users working on their individual certification can join a two-part crash course to help prepare for the practical.  You can view upcoming review sessions and register using the link below.


Register Here