Welcome to WorkRecords!  

This solution will provide you with operating procedures specific to Sample Customer Page.   Here you will find training links to walk you through the core functionality in WorkRecords as well as information for you to join a weekly training calls, specific to your organization.  This resources is a great place to start if your property is in the process of going live with WorkRecords, is live but you are a new user, or if you just need a refresher. 


What is WorkRecords?  

To fully understand the benefits and value of WorkRecords you'll want to watch this Introducing WorkRecords video. (recommended for all new users)

Operating Procedures: 

  • Timekeeping: all time in WorkRecords will be captured in "real-time"
  • Meal breaks: should be captured by a worker check-in and check-out
  • Editing: missed or incorrect punches should be edited in WorkRecords by 10 AM the following the work day of the needed correction.
  • Weekly Timecard approval: every effort should be made to ensure TimeCards are approved by noon each Monday for the previous week.
  • Invoices: It is a requirement that all labor suppliers deliver their invoice through WorkRecords to you. All labor hours must be in WorkRecords and all invoices for those hours must be through WorkRecords. 

System Integrations 

WorkRecords provides daily labor feeds:   

  • Daily file for all hotels that feeds into <LMS>. It provides a 21-day lookback of all punch detail for each property, department and position for all outside labor using WorkRecords. 
  • Other Systems here

Training for WorkRecords Core Functionality

The links below are most commonly used by Department or Operations Managers.  

Reviewing & Reporting on Worker Time & Activity

Approving TimeCards

Editing Worker Time or Activity

If your area of responsibility falls within Accounting & Finance please click here to review training links helpful for reporting specific to your job function.  

Schedule an individual call with a Training Manager

In the rare event that you have a situation that is not addressed in a solution or through the Weekly Training calls you can schedule an individual session with a training manager by clicking the links below.  Please be sure to include as much detailed information as possible about your situation when scheduling your training session so your Training Manager can be prepared to address your questions.   


Approving TimeCards

Editing WorkSegments

Monitoring Worker Activity

Reviewing Data through Views and Reports

Understanding Invoices Presented to Your Worksite and Managing Adjustments