Setting up the WorkRecords App is easy!  Using a smartphone that runs on either the Android or Apple operating system simply <CLICK THIS LINK> to get started.  

Step One:  Choose the option "Worker Clocking In"

"Worker Clocking In" includes employees of the worksite as well as contract labor and 1099 workers.  

"Vendor Signing In" includes workers visiting the property to complete deliveries, repair equipment, fulfill service contracts etc. Please see <Setting up the WorkRecords App for Vendors Signing In> for details on this set-up process

Step Two:  Enter the requested information

Enter your Employer ID or your SSN. If you enter one and it does not work please try the other. Employers are not required to load both numbers in the system.

Enter in the initials of your first and last name.
John Smith = JS
John Harris Smith = JS

Step Three: Confirm your name
If your name does not display please contact your employer. Your employer can confirm that they have made you eligible to use WWA and confirm that the Employee ID or Social Security Number they have associated with your account is correct.

Step Four: Confirm/Input your primary contact information
Some features of the WWA may use your phone number and/or email address to communicate with you.  This information will also be used to help you recover your password should you become locked out of your account.
That's It!  You're In! 
You can now use the hamburger menu (that's what we call those 3 lines to the far left of the blue bar) to open up different areas of the WWA for:
  • Touchless check-in and check-out at WorkRecords’ kiosks
  • Touchless temperature checking at participating workplaces
  • “Hours worked” status view 
  • Option to confirm hours worked
  • Worker panic device tracking for safety (why is there no bullet for this line?)
  • Work services reporting for productivity tracking
  • and more ...

Since the WorkRecords App does not require that anything is downloaded to the phone, many workers find that they want to save the link as an icon on their phone for quick & easy access in the future. 

<CLICK HERE> for instructions for Android

<CLICK HERE> for instructions for iPhone