Many locations require everyone entering the building to check-in.  Some individuals will be checking in for security or health & safety reasons while others will also be capturing their time and activity for payroll & billing purposes.   Making the correct selection is important.   

When you log in to WorkRecords Mobile you will be asked to select a user group. 

Company Employee  If you are employed by the work-site, you should select "Company Employee".  

This generally means that your paycheck comes directly from this company and is NOT provided through a third party (i.e. Staffing Temp Worker) or as payment to an invoice (i.e. Independent Contractor, Vendor providing Services, or Supplier Delivering Products).

Staffing Temp Worker  If you are assigned to the work-site through a staffing company you should select "Staffing Temp Workers".  

Independent Contractor  If you are self-employed (1099-worker) you should select "Independent Contractor".

The exception to this is an Independent Contractor that has been set-up as a staffing company in WorkRecords to allow for invoicing to be completed through the WorkRecords system.  These Independent Contractors should check-in as a Staffing Temp Worker.   

Vendor Providing Services  If you are providing services to the location through a service company you should select "Vendor Providing Services"

This designation is used for companies that contract to complete specific services but do not specify a specific work that will complete the work.  This often includes emergency or routine maintenance, overnight cleaning, groundskeeping services, etc.  

Supplier Delivering Products  If you making a delivery to the worksite you should select "Supplier Delivering Products".  

Guest or Customer  If you are visiting the site as a guest or customer you should select "Guest or Customer".

All Others