If the worker tries to manually punch in their Social Security Number and receives the message “That ID not found”, there are a few possible reasons for the error.  Reasons are listed below (in order of most common to least):

Possible Reason #1 (most common)

The worker manually entered the number too fast.

Solution: The worker should manually enter each number slowly and carefully, watching the numbers below to ensure they are punching correctly. It’s very easy to double-punch a number, particularly if their ID has repeating numbers in it. Try multiple times before concluding that there is another problem entirely.

Possible Reason #2

There is no Order Confirmation in WorkRecords for this worker for this Labor Buyer.

Solution: Labor Supplier needs to enter an Order Confirmation in WorkRecords.

Possible Reason #3

There is an Order Confirmation for the worker at this Labor Buyer, but it has the wrong start date or the wrong time submission type (meaning it’s not a TimeClock Order).

Solution: Labor Supplier needs to enter a correct Order Confirmation in WorkRecords and terminate the old one.

Possible Reason #4 (least common)

The worker is manually entereing a different Social Security Number than what was entered into WorkRecords.

Solution: Labor Supplier should use the Search Orders View to confirm which Social Security Number is entered in WorkRecords and compare it to what the worker says they are entering.  If it needs to be changed, open a Support Ticket to request that the Social Security Number be corrected.