As you monitor Supplier activity in preparation for a GoLive, you may find that a Supplier is delayed in meeting a deadline or two. The below verbiage is a template that may be used to help you reach out to them and get them back on track.   

Thank you for partnering with us in our implementation of WorkRecords.  We can all benefit from this single system to document and track our Temp Labor, as well as, distribute invoices in a more efficient manner.


While reviewing deadlines on the Supplier Roadmap, I noticed there are additional steps to be completed in order for the WorkRecords system to be 100% operational.  It is imperative you are prepared to GoLive with WorkRecords on <insert GOLIVE DATE>.  In order to GoLive, you need to: (a) add workers and upload pictures in WorkRecords, (b) create order templates/confirmations in WorkRecords, as well as, (c) train your workers so they can check-in at the Kiosk.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.  Please email if you have any questions specific to the WorkRecords implementation. You may also contact me directly at <emailaddress> or <555-555-5555>.

I appreciate your time and assistance.