Time Investment:

15-30 minutes weekly

Especially during the first several weeks following a GoLive and regularly afterward, it is very important that the Compliance Managers monitor the data closely.  This tool is used as a template by many Compliance Managers to help them stay organized.  Others use it as a map on the specific tracking they should complete. 

This tracking sheet shows: 

  • what to look for
  • which view to use
  • targets / goals
  • how frequently to review data

Standard items tracked by most Labor Buyers include:

  • Does Anyone Have Unusually Large Hours for the Day?
  • Did anyone not check out?
  • Has Everything been approved yet from last week? 
  • How Many Edits Are We Doing?
  • Have All Approved TimeCards Been Invoiced?
  • Are Suppliers Only Sending 1 Invoice A Week?
  • Have Suppliers Entered Workers Security File Photo?
  • Workers have good photos when checking in and out?