Adding an employee's hours for the week if they failed to punch in on the Kiosk or through the QR code can be done manually. From the WorkRecords main menu, follow these steps: 
  1. Click on Reports > My Views
  2. There are many views to use. The views most often used for editing are: Weekly Workclock Activity, Daily Workclock Activity or Find A Worker. Select one of these views.
  3. In the setup screen, ensure the WorkDate is set to the appropriate week.
  4. Click the words Worker Name in the Field Selectors box. Enter a portion of the first or last name of the employee in the parameter field and click Generate View. Note: If that does not bring up the appropriate worker, then try a partial search using even less of that worker's first or last name.
  5. If the same worker is listed more than once on the report, be sure to double check the bill rate before proceeding. Then click the Info link to the left of the appropriate worker's name from the correct Labor Supplier and with the correct bill rate. (You may have more than one result.) 
  6. Click Edit Time Card.
  7. Verify that the Work Week displayed in the blue box at the top of the screen is the week for which you wish to enter time. If not, start over and pick a different date on step 3.
  8. Enter the employee's times for the desired week as you normally would. When finished, click Save Time Card, then Return to List.

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