WorkRecords uses a convention called Weighted Allocation for distributing overtime when a worker moves across departments in the same week. WorkRecords' formula allocates the overtime to each department based on the usage of time worked in each area/department that week. 

Jane Smith worked in both Department A and Department B during a week and generated 8.96 hours of overtime.
     25.13 hours - Department A
 +  23.83 hoursDepartment B 
     48.96 hours (8.96 hours of overtime)

Since WorkRecords splits OT proportionately, 51.3% of the overtime spend was allocated to Department A because 51.3% of their hours were worked in Department A and 48.7% of the overtime spend was allocated to Department B.

Remember, Labor Buyers have the ability to do an offsetting adjustment in their accounting systems, if needed, to reflect any changes to the overtime allocation to which each department agrees.