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Labor Suppliers can enter workers into WorkRecords by: 
  1. manually entering individual workers (process takes only seconds per worker), or
  2. sending a file to WorkRecords Support to upload (this option can be chosen for uploading of many workers at one time; recommended in cases where more than 25 workers need to be added)

If a worker needs to be placed on an Order with the start date occurring on t
he same day or even on the very next day, it is best to manually enter the worker into WorkRecords.  This is a quick and easy process, taking just a few seconds per worker.  If you hire several people in a week (more than 25), we recommend uploading all workers to save on data entry time, but, most importantly, to reduce data entry errors that could occur.     

Adding Workers
Manually entering a worker into WorkRecords is a quick process, taking only a few seconds.
This training video describes:
    1. How to manually add workers to your WorkRecords database
    2. How to find workers that have already been added to your database

Uploading Workers

Many Labor Suppliers choose to complete a weekly upload of all workers that have been interviewed and approved for placement.  This helps ensure that the name in WorkRecords matches the name in the Labor Supplier's back office system, eliminates entry errors and saves time.   

This solution describes:

    1. How to properly prepare your upload
    2. Where to send your upload
    3. The timeline for the workers to be uploaded (usually 1 business day)

Uploading Security Photos

The worker's security photo appears in several Views used by both the Labor Buyer and Labor Supplier.  

This training video describes:

    1. How to upload worker security photos to your WorkRecords database
    2. How to re-size photos