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WorkRecords recommends that a worker use a magnetic swipe card when checking-in/out at the Kiosk.  While the process for a worker to manually enter their SSN at the Kiosk is relatively quick, using a magnetic swipe card makes the check-in/out time even faster!  The time to swipe a card is a mere second, whereas the worker manually entering their Social Security Number takes much longer--especially if they make a mistake while entering it the first time and have to start over.  WorkRecords provides magnetic swipe cards free of charge and, the process to link a magnetic swipe card to a worker is very quick and easy to do.

How do I receive magnetic swipe cards?
  • The Labor Buyer automatically receives a supply of magnetic swipe cards when a property goes live with WorkRecords.  The number of cards shipped to the property with the Kiosk(s) should support all existing workers.  
  • Labor Buyers can also order additional cards as needed to replace lost cards or issue to new workers.  
  • Labor Suppliers should also order and maintain a supply of magnetic swipe cards to issue to new workers as they take an assignment at a WorkRecords property.  

For more information on ordering free magnetic swipe cards, please see the training materials linked here.  

How do I register magnetic swipe cards?

Magnetic swipe cards can be registered using a magnetic card reader at the office or at any WorkRecords Kiosk.  Magnetic swipe cards are linked to the worker's profile (not the Labor Buyer, Labor Supplier or even the individual Order/assignment). This means that once a WorkRecords swipe card has been issued to a worker, it can be used by the worker at any WorkRecords Kiosk and for any assignment.  It is important to use the cards provided by WorkRecords since each card is encoded with a unique ID number.   

If a card is lost and a new card is registered to the worker's profile, the old card will no longer work and should be thrown away if found.  Since the worker's SSN is never encoded on a card, there is no need to destroy the card before disposing of it. 

*If your Kiosk does not show the grid for entering the SSN, your Kiosk has recently been upgraded.  Click here for an overview of the entry with the keypad.