Labor Buyer Documents

This folder houses files specifically for Labor buyers that are useful prior to the GoLive process

WorkRecords Overview
Wed, 9 Jul, 2014 at 12:17 PM
WorkRecords Pricing Schedule
Updated as of 11/9/16 Labor Suppliers are billed a fee per TimeCard, per week as follows: Fee per TimeCard Number of Ti...
Wed, 9 Nov, 2016 at 3:28 PM
WorkRecords Functionality (Core Functionality and Apps)
Wed, 9 Jul, 2014 at 12:17 PM
FAQ - What determines when WorkRecords Core Service is provided FREE to Suppliers at a Labor Buyer?
WorkRecords considers many factors such as volume usage, commitment to aggressively add additional locations, and integration into other buyer systems. Work...
Wed, 9 Jul, 2014 at 1:51 PM
WorkRecord's Manager Overview
This document contains an overview of the WorkRecord's Manager at the property level. 
Wed, 9 Jul, 2014 at 12:17 PM