Credit / Charge Adjustments are created by Labor Suppliers in order to apply and invoice credit or debit amounts in WorkRecords. The use of this tool varies from Labor Buyer to Labor Buyer, but may include items such as:
  • billing for missed hours
  • billing for incorrect rates entered into WorkRecords
  • billing for overtime that was not captured due to use of multiple TimeCards for the same worker in the same work week
  • billing for negotiated reimbursement for items (drug screens, background checks etc.) after a specified period
  • negotiated credits for meal charges, equipment, cleaning fees, etc. incurred by workers
  • and many, many other scenarios

Note: Anything listed below that is highlighted in blue and underlined can be clicked on to take you to a QuickGuide, Training Video or additional resources with step by step instructions.

The video below shows the step-by-step instructions on creating a Credit / Charge Adjustment.  

While navigating the adjustment tool is easy, it is important to understand the impact of the TimeCard you are selecting to which the adjustment will be "applied.  It is crucial to carefully select all of the following:

  1. the correct worker
  2. the correct weekending
  3. the correct allocations on that TimeCard

When a worker makes a selection at the Kiosk or scanning a QR code, each selection is allocated to a specific job activity, department, division, etc.  After the Labor Buyer manager approves the stored hours, each approved TimeCard then reflects the totals by job activity, department, etc. The process of summarizing the hours and spend is called "tagging" in WorkRecords.  This summary is included at the bottom of every invoice.  The Credit / Charge Adjustment Invoice includes an A/P summary which mirrors the tagging of the respective TimeCard, therefore, it is important to select the proper TimeCard when applying an adjustment.

Please contact the Labor Buyer or for clarification if you have questions on which TimeCard should be selected to create the adjustment.