WorkRecords provides you with the ability to view reports in a way that best suits your needs. After clicking on any View in WorkRecords, a Field Selector section provides the ability to define the parameters of the report AND to organize the results. The Sort Order column provides the flexibility to display data in an alphabetical or chronological order. Like Microsoft Excel, it allows the results to be customized in multiple levels.  


An Order Confirmation View can be run and the results displayed first in alphabetical order by worker, and second, by bill rate. To display the View in this manner, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click on the Sort Order field on the row entitled Worker Name (the number one (1) will be displayed in that field). This will first place the list in alphabetical order.   
  2. Click on the Sort Order field on the row entitled Base Bill Rate (the number two (2) will be displayed in that field). If the workers have multiple Orders with different bill rates, the View will sort the multiple Order Confirmations by bill rate.

By setting the sort order in the method above, the workers will first be displayed alphabetically and then multiple Order Confirmations for the workers will be sorted by bill rate.