Any standard View in WorkRecords can be run with specific search criteria.  If desired, this custom search criteria can be saved in the user's account.  Saved searches enable a user to simply click on the saved report to generate new data each time it is run. Saved searches refresh with current data, but retain any of the parameters, sorting or grouping features from the saved reports.  

For more information on saving a custom search, please review the screen shots and written instructions below.  A training video is available at the bottom.  Simply press the play button to watch the video..

  1. Log into your WorkRecords account and navigate to Reports > My Views.  Choose the View that you would like to run.
  2. Enter your search criteria and then click the Generate View button.
  3. Once your search results have been retrieved, click on the Save hyperlink located in the upper right.


  4. Enter a name for your saved search and then click the Save button.



  5. Your saved search will be listed just below the standard View that you used to set it up.  Note: All saved searches always start with the word "Yours."


Training Video

Watch the video below for more information on creating a saved search.