Order confirmations in WorkRecords have two primary intentions. Once created, they allow a worker to check in at a customer/buyer. The financial information contained in the order confirmations sets the foundation for all reporting, downloading of approved TimeCards and billing. There are only two reasons a worker would need more than one active order confirmation in WorkRecords:

  1. The worker is on assignment at more than one customer who utilizes WorkRecords 
  2. There is a difference in the financial information based on what type of job the worker performs at that customer

If the financial information is the same regardless of what job activity or department, the worker only needs one order confirmation. Having a duplicate order confirmation causes: 

  • confusion for the worker at the kiosk
  • more work reviewing and potentially editing work segments for your customer
  • and could cause you, as the supplier, to be billed for multiple TimeCards.

This report will show workers have more than one active order confirmation, what computer they are working at, and their bill rates. All of this helps to ensure there are no duplicate orders.

How to Use the Search for Workers with More Than 1 Active Order Confirmation Report   (click link to watch in new window, or just press play below to watch in this window)