We recommend that anyone responsible for completing either the account set-up for a brand new account or the new customer set-up for labor suppliers with an exsisting account view this video. 

Step Two
In order to set up your account properly in WorkRecords, it is necessary for you to provide WorkRecords with your information, some of which is specific to your client.  WorkRecords will provide you with a customized Account Setup spreadsheet that includes some of your customer's requirements.

If your company is brand new to WorkRecords, you will need to set up a new account.  This process begins with completing the Account Setup spreadsheet.

If your company is not new to WorkRecords, but you have an additional customer that is implementing WorkRecords, you will need to complete a portion of the Account Setup spreadsheet in order for WorkRecords to properly configure the account for you.  

Great news!  Since the recording of the training video WorkRecords has reduced the cost per TimeCard.  Suppliers are never charged more than $.50 per TimeCard and that rate is reduced based on volume.   Several Labor Buyers have special agreements with WorkRecords and for those accounts the rate charges is $0.00.  To learn more about rates in WorkRecords click here! 

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Video - Complete Account Setup Sheet     (9 minutes)

QuickGuide - How to Provide Account Information 


Go to Steps 3 and 4 - Add Workers and Upload Security Photos