Step Five

Creating Order Templates is a critical step for Labor Suppliers just starting with WorkRecords or those adding a new customer.  There are several reasons to invest a few extra minutes getting your order templates created correctly and using a template each and every time you create a new order!    

Using Order Templates:

  • Reduces data entry errors for financial information such as Bill Rates
  • Helps capture the correct options for AddOns (SBUs)
  • Reduces errors associated with Labor Buyer email addresses
  • Saves the Labor Supplier time
  • Ensures that "timeclock punch" is selected for all workers using the Kiosk to check-in/out

Remember, Order Templates are created to reduce the time spent creating order confirmations, as well as improve the accuracy of critical, contractual information between you and your client.  If your company is brand new to WorkRecords, we strongly recommend that your WorkRecords Implementation Director review your templates before you begin creating order confirmations in step 6.  If your company has been using WorkRecords, you may find that your templates have already been created.  It is advisable that you review your templates periodically to make sure they are still up to date!    

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Create Order Templates

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Visit Templates - Create and Delete Order Templates for more information on:

  • Deleting Templates
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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