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An existing Template can be deleted by a Labor Supplier user.  Some examples of why a template would need to be deleted are:

1.  Change in Buyer week ending date
2.  Time Card Submitted by selection was entered incorrectly

3.  Duplicate Templates

4. Additional Billing Items NOT included

The steps to delete a Template begin with starting the order creation process.  You are not creating an Order for a worker, but will need to initiate the process to access the Delete link.

  1. Navigate to Orders > Create Orders-Add Workers.
  2. Choose your selling location.
  3. Click on Add Existing Worker to List.  Choose any worker that you'd like and add them to your Staging List.
  4. From your Staging List, check the checkbox to the left of a worker's name.  Click the button for Start Order w/Checked Workers.
  5. Click the + sign next to the property name for whom you need to delete a Template.
  6. Click the Delete link on the row for the respective Template.  Note: When you click the Delete link, the screen briefly flashes, but the Template will still be listed.  Simply click the back button on your browser, then click the + sign for the respective property.   You will now see that the respective Template has been removed from you list.