Time Investment

30-45 minutes - Set-up Call

Step Two (by WorkRecords Manager, SR Finance team, Department Head of all departments using contract labor)

This is the most important step in the process. Having the right people involved in the Account Setup call is critical to configuring the account to meet the needs of all parties. During this meeting, decisions will be made regarding the overall account configuration, impacting Operational Managers in every department using contract labor, as well as Finance & Accounting. The call generally takes 45 minutes to an hour, but for locations with very complex arrangements with their staffing vendors, the call may go slightly longer. Prior to the call, consider the following:
  • Do we receive a reduced rate for training?
  • Do we pay a show-up fee for workers that are requested but not needed? 
  • Do we pay a minimum number of hours for workers that begin a shift, but then are released early? 
  • Do we allow for billing back items (drug screens, background checks, uniforms/tools)? 
  • Do we get billed for anything that is not based on hours worked, but rather "by the piece"?
  • Do we offer workers reduced meals?  
  • Do we need to allow workers to check-in prior to their shift start time to ensure everyone is ready?  If so, what are the common shift start times?

Important Note:  If a location is part of a corporate configuration all or part of this call may already have been completed.  If so, this call may take 15 - 30 minutes to address anything that is unique with supplier relationships at the location. 

Step Two B and Two C (by WorkRecords Manager)
Additional follow-up calls will be held with the WorkRecords Manager for clarification and review of the configuration. 

  • The first call will detail the hierarchy and relationships between job activities, departments, and other groupings with a focus on the GL codes and level of detail to include on the invoice.  Remember, WorkRecords will be able to produce a single invoice per billing period for all departments that will include the breakout required to code invoicing. 
  • The second call will cover Kiosks and "clocks" (usually a department or subset of a department) will be available on each Kiosk.