Time Investment
less than 15 minutes

Step Three (by WorkRecords Manager)
Selecting a Compliance Manager is generally a quick and easy step in the process.  When a GoLive involves several departments or several staffing suppliers the Compliance Manager often joins the implementation team to monitor milestones and work with the WorkRecords Implementation Director to ensure that deadlines are met and everyone stays on track.   Post GoLive the Compliance Manager reviews data, usually through exception reporting set-up in WorkRecords, to ensure proper use of the software by both buyers and suppliers as well as adherence to important deadlines. 

Step Four (by WorkRecords Manager with input from departments)
Picking a date to GoLive seems simple and straightforward, but it is a little like picking the date for a wedding--you want to make sure all of the important people can attend! The important people for a GoLive include Department Managers, as well as suppliers, and of course, workers. It is recommended that the date selected to GoLive is a date in which all departments will have at least a few contract workers. This helps to ensure that everyone (buyers, suppliers, and workers) can be trained on all steps in the process and immediately begin utilizing what they learn.