Time Investment
20-30 minutes

Steps Seven and Eight (by all WorkRecords users at the Buyer location)
A few days prior to Going Live, WorkRecords will hold an Orientation. The orientation should include all managers that manage contract labor and/or review/approve TimeCards.  This orientation session provides a high level overview of the benefits of WorkRecords, the simple 5 step process, and a brief training on how workers will access and use the Kiosk. 

Post GoLive training is scheduled for each department. Almost all training, with the exception of Kiosk training, is done following GoLive, so that the data used is real data with the real situations each manager will encounter.    

More about Post GoLive Training 

The two weeks following the GoLive the WorkRecords Implementation Manager conducts training with department managers as well as accounting & other operational users.  The training investment is usually between 15 - 45 minutes depending on the role, number of workers and complexity of the account set-up.  During this time saved reports are created and alerts set for easy ongoing use of WorkRecords. 

WorkRecords has a library of training QuickGuides and videos.  Some Labor Buyers choose to complete training through these self paced training resources and quick emails or calls with the WorkRecords support team.     

GoLive Review