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Creating an Order Confirmation for a worker allows time to be stored/collected for that worker for as long as the Order is active. Each weekending, for every active order confirmation, WorkRecords will search for the corresponding approved TimeCard. When an Order Confirmation no longer needs to be active, it needs to be closed/completed in WorkRecords to avoid generating Missing TimeCards and causing confusion and additional work for Labor Suppliers and Labor Buyers.

In order to close out an Order, first log into your WorkRecords account and navigate to Reports on the blue menu bar.  Then, choose My Views.  Choose the View in your account called Search Orders and Templates.  Then, search for the Order that you want to close.  Set your search criteria as needed and click the Generate View button.

Once you have located the Order that you wish to close, click on the blue Info hyperlink to begin the process of determining the correct termination date for the Order.  From the drop down menu, choose the Time Card History link first.  This will allow you to see a snapshot of the TimeCards for the Order to help you choose the correct termination date. 



Make note of the date of the last approved TimeCard, as that is the date that you will want to use as the termination date for the Order.  In the example below, the last approved TimeCard on this Order was dated 8/30/16.  For this Order, 8/30/16 is the date you would want to enter as the termination date for the worker's Order .




Go back to your View and click the blue Info hyperlink next to that worker's name.  Choose Complete Order from the pop up menu.  Enter the termination date  in the box and click the Submit button.  



Please note that if there are no approved TimeCards for the worker, enter a term date that is 7 days or more before the first Missing TimeCard.  For simple math, you can use 10 days.  In this example below, 10 days prior to 12/19/14 would be 12/9/14.  Enter 12/9/14 as the term date and click the Submit button. 


Finally, in order for an Order to officially close, there needs to be no missing TimeCards or unsubmitted hours stored on the Order.  If there are any weeks that have missing TimeCards in between the beginning of the Order and the last approved TimeCard date, you will need to address those weeks by submitting a zero-hour TimeCard(s) in order to officially close out the Order.   

  • From that same View that you have been using, click the blue Info hyperlink and choose Time Card History.
  • Check the checkboxes next to any weeks that are shown as Missing.
  • Check the checkbox at the bottom to certify that you are submitting this on behalf of the worker.
  • Click the 0 Submit Selected button.



For more information on Missing TimeCards and unsubmitted hours stored, please see the training materials linked here.  List Workers with Missing TimeCards to Manage Orders and Clean Up Data 

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Closing Order Confirmations