The TimeCard selected for the Credit / Charge Adjustment serves two purposes:

  1. To provide the allocation for the AP Sort at the bottom of the Credit / Charge Adjustment Invoice
  2. To assist in tying the Credit / Charge Adjustment to a specific, often contractual, requirement    

Selecting a TimeCard to adjust incorrect billing
When the adjustment is to correct an error with billing, select the TimeCard that has the WorkSegments with incorrect billing.

Selecting a TImeCard to provide a credit for training  
When a credit is issued to adjust a rate for training, it is a best practice to select the TimeCard where the first or last WorkSegment at the training rate occurred.  Consistency is important.

Selecting a TimeCard to provide an adjustment for a full or partial bill back (refund for drug screens, background checks, etc.) 
When a credit is issued to adjust for a bill back, it is a best practice to select the TimeCard that qualified the refund. 

It is important to note that when the adjustment is a charge adjustment (to recapture missed billing), the Labor Buyer may prefer that a new Order Confirmation be opened with a back dated start date so that the time and activity can be edited into WorkRecords allowing the data to be transferred to the Labor Management System.