WorkRecords displays rate updates in two places.  


First, through the view Review BillRate Changes.  For suppliers this includes both BillRate and PayRate changes.   This view offers several selectors that can help you create a report by a specific worker, customer, date range, etc.  Many buyers and suppliers use this view to set-up an alert to monitor chagnes without having to remember to regularly go in and run the report.

Additionally, you can see rate changes on the Order Confirmation itself.  The order confirmation is visible by clicking the Info link after the view results have been generated in most views.  The updated rate appears with a link next to it showing information such as the email address of the person that changed it, when it was changed, and what the prior rate was.  Both buyers and suppliers can only see when BillRates have been changed on the order confirmation. Pay rates and their changes are only visible to Labor Suppliers.

In the example below, you can see that the last rate was change was on 6/9/2016.  When a user clicks anywhere on "Changed on: 6/9/2016" a popup box will display the details.   

In this example the change was from $13.00 to $14.00 for a merit increase that was approved by jphillips.