Because WorkRecords is not directly tied to a Labor Supplier's back office system that generates the invoice, from time to time the total of Approved Timecards in WorkRecords for a particular pay period and the total from the Supplier's back office may not match.  To resolve these differences check the following:

  • Run the Export Timecards w/AddOn Details View (populate the selectors with the Labor Buyer's name and the Invoice Number) and check for: 
    • Bill Rate differences
    • Regular hours differences
    • Overtime hours differences 
    • Overtime billing (sometimes OT is caught in one system or the other but not in both, especially if more than one TimeCard was approved for the same week-ending)
    • AddOns (non-hourly billing items like Meal Deductions, Rooms Cleaned, etc)
  • Confirm that the same workers and week-ending dates were used for both invoices.

If you do not see any obvious differences after reviewing the information listed, please open a Support Ticket and we will be happy to assist you.