Field Selectors work similarly to what happens when you do a search on the Internet - the fewer parameters you put in, the broader the search results are.  But, when you put in more information/parameters, it makes the results more narrow.  For instance, if you put in the word Hilton on an Internet search, you'll see millions of search results.  But, if you input Hilton New Orleans in an Internet search, you see a more narrow list of results due to more filters being added to the Internet search.

An example in WorkRecords 

You are using the Approved TimeCards View and you have 20 workers working at a particular Labor Buyer, but you only want to see an Approved TimeCard for Chris Smith. You can use the Worker Name selector to help you find only that worker. Click on the blue hyperlink of the Worker Name selector (it will then default to Contains and open a parameter field will be displayed).  Enter a portion of the worker's first or last name and hit enter - in this case, you may enter Smith.  Your results will only show Approved TimeCards for the particular name that you entered.  If you only wanted to see a specific week, you could use the Week Ending Date selector to further narrow your results.  

You will find certain available Field Selectors on each View .  Clicking on the name of the selector in any View will open a parameter field where you can input the criteria you want to use in your search.

Note there are several "operators" available for Field Selectors that vary slightly based on the specific Field Selector type (is it alphanumeric, numeric, dates, etc.)

Check back for an operator chart coming soon