ChartIt visually and graphically displays a worker's WorkSegments.  It is available on many WorkSegment views: (a) by selecting the check box just above the Generate View button, or (b) as an action item once a View has been generated.

Many WorkRecords functions used daily and weekly in different Views by both Labor Buyers and Labor Suppliers are available in ChartIt, such as editing, reviewing total hours per day, inserting notes, reviewing security photos (both the file photo and security photos taken at the Kiosk), etc.  ChartIt also has new functionality that allows the user to insert a meal break with one click.  Please review the ChartIt video for all of the available functionality.

If ChartIt is not available on any of your Views, please open a Support ticket or contact for details on when this enhancement will be available for your organization. 

Note: Anything listed below that is highlighted in blue and underlined can be clicked on to take you to a QuickGuide, Training Video or additional resources with step by step instructions.

ChartIt Video  (click link to watch in new window, or just press play below to watch in this window)