While WorkRecords recommends updating rates for all hours associated with a week-ending vs a date in the middle of the week, we recognize that some agreements are negotiated to start on a specific date that do not match the week-ending date.  This update requires that the orders are closely monitored and the Labor Buyer and Labor Supplier work together to facilitate a smooth change.  Below are the steps for a smooth rate update in the middle of the week.

  1. Enter new order confirmations in WorkRecords, with the updated rates that have a projected start date of the date the new rate will take effect.  We recommend adding a note when creating the order that says something like "begin using xx/xx/xxxx" (in the event that two orders appear for the worker at the Kiosk). 
  2. On the last day the old rates are in effect and all workers have checked in/out, the Labor Buyer needs to approve the time.  
  3. As soon as approvals have been completed, all order confirmations at the old rates need to be closed out/terminated with the date of the last day at the old rates.  Using the last date at the old rate and entering this after approvals will help ensure that only the order with the correct rate is available for the worker at the Kiosk.
  4. Confirm that the workers are checking in on the new orders (and only the new orders are available) the first date of the rate increase.
  5. Closely monitor WorkSegments for the remainder of the week to make sure all orders/approvals were done correctly.

Remember, if a previously approved TimeCard is unapproved, it will pick up whatever rate is on the order at the time of reapproval, so you will want to monitor rates carefully until all TimeCards at the old rate have been invoiced.