There are a number of contacts that can or do receive an email showing a presented invoice.  Below we outline the various contacts and how they receive their notifications.

Accounting Contact

When a Labor Supplier's account is initially configured for a particular Labor Buyer, the accounting contact email address for the Labor Buyer is input.  This is the person that the Labor Buyer has identified to receive the email of the presented invoice to begin the process of processing the invoice for payment.  Whenever an invoice is presented, this contact automatically is sent a copy of the invoice via email.  If the contact changes it can be updated with a request from the Labor Supplier or Labor Buyer - if the request comes from the Labor Supplier, WorkRecords Support will need to verify the new accounting contact with the Labor Buyer before making that change.

Buyers of Record on Order Confirmations

If a Labor Buyer contact email is listed on any order confirmation that has at least 1 WorkSegment on an Approved Timecard, the Labor Buyer's email address is available in a check box during the presentation of the invoice and if checked, a copy of the presented invoice will be emailed to them.  

If a Labor Buyer contact needs to be updated to a different email address, please submit a Support ticket with the Order #(s) and the new email address that you would like listed instead.  Please be advised that only 1 email address can be listed as the Buyer Primary Contact on an Order.

Anyone, using forward functionality  

By selecting View Sent Invoices >  populating the correct date range > selecting the correct invoice and then inputting the email address of the Labor Buyer.

Note:  Anyone at the Labor Buyer with login access to WorkRecords can always view Invoices through their Search invoices view as soon as the invoice is presented.