This brief video details advanced sorting and searching functionality in WorkRecords Views. This functionality is only available in our Advanced Views setup (which is the default mode for all users.)

If you do not see the features mentioned in the video, it may be because your Browser Settings have been changed to Basic. Basic mode is beneficial when you anticipate that the report you run will return hundreds or thousands of lines of data. You can switch between Advanced and Basic as needed by navigating to My Account > Browser Settings. There, you find the following three choices:

  • Always use Advanced views
  • Limit when to use Advanced settings by changing the maximum line count (we recommend less than 600)
  • Use Basic settings. 

If you are using Internet Explorer version 8.0 or less, you will want to chose Always use Basic views since these older browsers do not have the capability to handle some of the advanced functionality.   

Video Link   (click link to watch in new window, or just press play below to watch in this window)