So, why would it be necessary to have multiple Order Confirmations in WorkRecords for one worker?  Multiple Order Confirmations in WorkRecords need to exist when a worker has two or more Order Confirmations where the customer or financial information is different for each order. For instance - one example would be if a worker at one customer/Labor Buyer works as a Public Space Attendant for a bill rate of $15.00 but may also work as a Steward at a bill rate of $14.00.  In that situation, they would need two Order Confirmations in WorkRecords to accommodate the different bill rates.

Or, a worker is working at 2 different customers/Labor Buyers - then they would need 2 Order Confirmations in WorkRecords to recognize the two different customers/Labor Buyers.

Helpful Hint:

Because the financials that are tied to each WorkSegment are generated from the information on the Order Confirmation it is very important that you use the notes field when a worker has more than one order confirmation for the same customer location to help the worker identify which order should be used.  You can also quickly and easily compare the Notes field with the Financial information when doing your daily review of time to ensure they are selecting the correct order when they check-in.  

Best practice is to ALWAYS run a Search Order Confirmations report in WorkRecords prior to creating a new Order Confirmation - you want to always check to see if a new Order Confirmation for THAT customer/Labor Buyer at THAT rate is needed.